A Little About Us...

Welcome to Wild Birds Unlimited - Little Rock

Thanks for flying by!  Whether you are an experienced or novice birder, or you are just curious about the hobby, you are joining the second fastest growing hobby in the United States and are part of a growing community of wild bird enthusiasts here in Arkansas, and for good reason!  For instance, did you know…

• There are more than 500 species of wild birds that either live in or migrate through Arkansas during the year?
• There are birds of every color in the rainbow in Arkansas, for example, you can see…
     * Red – Cardinals(all year)
     * Orange – Baltimore Orioles (Late Spring/Summer)
     * Yellow – American Goldfinches(November through May)
     * Green – Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds(April through September)
     * Blue – Eastern Bluebirds (all year but seen mostly in the Spring and Summer months)
     * Purple – Purple Martins (February through July)
• Wild Birds Unlimited has been serving customers in Little Rock for more than 24 years?

Wild Birds Unlimited “In The Heights” offers the following advantages over other stores that simply sell birdfood and birdfeeders:
Expert advice from trained and experienced birding enthusiasts on such topics as:
     *How to attract, or deter, specific bird species and/or backyard critters
     *Choosing the best quality and most cost effective feeders and bird food
     *Choosing the best optics for your specific needs and budget

We also offer the following:
     *The highest quality birdfood and great savings with our Frequent Seed Shopper discount program
     *A large selection of high quality bird feeders, bird baths, and optics
     *Specialty gift items for your home and garden
     *Special e-mail-only promotions (we never share your personal information!)
     *And more…

We encourage you to stop by and visit out store. We would be glad to help you EXPERIENCE the JOY of BIRDFEEDING’ in a way that suits your lifestyle and your budget.


Jim Allen & Staff