The Joy Of Birdfeeding

The Joy Of Birdfeeding - by Wild Birds Unlimited Founder, Jim Carpenter, is not just 'another book on birdfeeding.'

Jim Carpenter started Wild Birds Unlimited in 1981 and has since used his vast experience to "thoughtfully" produce what we believe is the definitive book on how to best set up your birdfeeding "station," including how to get started simply, how to deal with undesirable birds and critters, and even how to establish a complete bird-friendly, backyard habitat that will help you attract even more birds

To be honest, my first thought before seeing the book was "The world does not need another book on birdfeeding." BUT, after reviewing our pre-release copy, I admit I was more than fact, I was hooked!  The book is laid out in twelve steps that walk the reader through everything you could need to know from choosing the right foods, to feeder selection and placement in a "thoughtful" manner.  It also contains a Common Feeder Birds guide to help you identify those birds most likely to visit your yard.

The first printing of this fantastic book sold out in just a couple months earlier this year.  The second printing is due out in October of 2017, and we are expecting sales to be brisk once again.  You can call us and reserve a copy prior to October 15th at a discounted price of $23.00 (Save $5.00!).  This is a great book to add to your library, and makes a great gift for any bird lovers in your life!