MyWBU Store - Always Open!

Nobody Likes an Empty Bird Feeder. Especially Your Birds!

Now, you can order your birds' favorite foods, bird feeders and more anytime and from anywhere with our online ordering option called MyWBU Store. When you order online, you'll get the same prices you'd get if shopping in our store and your order will be handled by the same local WBU staff you already know and love.

Whether you can't make into the store and need something delivered, or you just want the convenience of having your order ready for pickup, we've got you covered.

Key Benefits of shopping the MyWBU Store:

  • Shop Anytime, Anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer!

  • FREE Delivery on orders over $75 (pre-tax) within most of the state of Arkansas! (shipping charges calculated at time or order).

  • FREE Curbside or In-store Pickup available!

  • You're Supporting a Local Business!

If you are a new user of MyWBU, be sure to register using the same email address you use get our emails in order to take advantage of your Daily Savings Club discounts and coupons!

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