Beyond Birds - Soundscaping Your Yard: Wind Chimes

Your yard, patio, or deck is your buffer between you and the outside world.  Some people even spend countless hours and thousands of dollars landscaping their yards to create the ideal space.  But there is one crucial area that is often overlooked.  We are surrounded by noise these days, and much of that noise permeates our landscaping and interrupts the beauty and serenity of the space we have tried to create for ourselves. 

Enter “soundscaping.”  Soundscape is defined as “a sound or combination of sounds that forms or arises from an immersive environment…crucially, the term soundscape also includes the listener's perception of sounds heard as an environment.”  For us, this means creating an atmosphere of sound that enhances the natural sounds around us, and that fits into the overall purpose of landscaping, including gently overcoming the ‘noise pollution’ that infringes upon the fences, berms, and plantings we have used to create a more visually stimulating private place.

Enter wind chimes.  Wind chimes can completely change an environment through soudscaping, or more to the point, by creating a sound that is harmonious to the natural environment and that can overcome noise pollution.  The trick here is that not all wind chimes are created equal.  In order for a wind chime to enhance the environment it is placed in, it needs to be of high quality and tuned to in such a way as to create a soothing ‘back of mind’ experience rather than in-you-face noise clutter. 

Corinthian Bells wind chimes do just that.  Corinthian Bells are high quality chimes tuned in various musical keys that, like well orchestrated music, can enhance mood and create calm.  Corinthian Bells wind chimes fit subtly into the landscape and enhance the natural music created by birds, the wind, rain, and other natural elements.

We suggest you stop in and listen to our selection of Corinthian Bells wind chimes for yourself to find the best fit for you and your private space!

Click the photo below to hear and see a sampling of Corinthian Bells wind chimes.